The Chicken you never new you wanted!

Serama is the smallest and lightest chicken in the world, which is widely known as living works of art. This breed originated in Kelantan, Malaysia 50 years ago thanks to selective cross breeding of Japanese bantams and some local Malaysian bantams.

Serama chickens
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With unique outer appearance and characteristics: proud carriage, upright tail, protruding breast, and confident bearing; people usually choose it as pets or as an ornamental chicken breed.

Serama was first imported to North America in 2000, and then appeared in the UK and other European countries just for years later.

General characteristics

Despite their small size, serama chickens have its breast carried high and pushed upwards, which makes them look like brave warriors and archangel chickens. Not only that, one of the special features that helps this breed look gorgeous than others is vertical tail feathers held upright and tight up to the body causing little or no space between their body and tail. The head is small and carried well back comes with vertical wings held down nearly touching the ground.

Serama chickens
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Serama chicken can appear in almost any color and usually weighs under 500 grams.


Serama chicken is an excellent house pet as it’s very friendly and docile. Besides, it loves to be with people. However, the cockerels are aggressive and should not be kept together for avoiding fighting. Serama chickens grow quickly and reach maturity at 16-18 weeks. The hens are all year round egg layers and lay smaller light brown eggs and tend to go broody.

Serama chickens
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They are pretty hardy, although they came from tropical areas. But they require special care and may need to be protected from very cold temperatures. Usually, Serama chicken moult continuously and lose a few feathers everyday. The average lifespan of this smallest and lightest chicken is 7 years, with some living as long as 10 years.


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