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Pup Drags Herself For Miles Looking For Help

When Poppy was just a puppy, she suffered a terrible injury that crushed her spine and left her rear legs immobile. It seems like she was trampled by an animal and suffered from her injury for weeks or potentially months.

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Poppy is one hell of a fighter. Despite all the pain she suffered, she dragged herself to a remote research camp, desperately seeking help.

Susanne Vogel works at an elephant research camp in the northern Okavango region of Botswana, was shocked at the sight of Poppy when she and her coworkers spotted her.

“She came crawling – literally crawling because her back legs were completely immobilized – into our research camp,” Vogel told The Dodo.  “She was unable to walk, but full of love and seeking help.”

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Vogel and her coworkers quickly took Poppy in and cared for her the best they could. Though the nearest veterinarian was an eight-hour drive away, they made the drive there.

They were completely shocked that Poppy was able to survive because her injuries were serious and the journey to their camp is heavily laden with predators.

“The camp is in a remote region, filled with elephants, but also lions, hyenas and other predators,” Vogel said. “Poppy had somehow made it to us, emaciated and soaking wet from the rain.”

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“It’s amazing she survived and made her way to us,” Amanda Stronza wrote in a GoFundMe donation page for Poppy. “She is bursting with the sweetest spirit. We drove her to the nearest veterinary clinic, an 8-hour drive on terrible roads and ferry crossing over the Okavango River.”

After check up, they found Poppy’s discs were crushed and she needed surgery. The expense of the surgery was considered to cost $2,000 to $3,000 which didn’t include post-op care. The GoFundMe set up for Poppy sought to raise $3,000, but instead, raised more than $10,000.

Poppy shocks her rescuers every day with her progress. Though she’s still paralyzed, Poppy has recovered.

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Poppy does this cute little turn around when eating!

Posted by Poppy the Puppy who Stole our Hearts on Thursday, July 27, 2017

“She already has so many people all over the world who love her from a distance and are checking on her progress daily and are eager to see a happy outcome, namely adoption into a loving family,” Stronza said. “She will regain her ability to walk, or she will gain wheels to help her around. I think she has a bright future!”

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We are beyond happy to report that Poppy was adopted and now lives in the U.S. with a loving family who takes very good care of her. She even has her own Facebook page!

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