Kangaroo Won’t Let Go Of Caretaker’s Arms

When we think of baby kangaroos, the first image that literally pops up in our head is the image of a mama kangaroo with her child safely tucked inside her pouch. Unfortunately, that’s just not how things were for this little poor Indi.

orphaned baby kangaroo Indi
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Indi is an orphaned baby kangaroo at The Kangaroo Sanctuary of Alice Springs in central Australia. She lost her Mom just a few days after birth and now lives under the care and help of the sanctuary’s employees. As she didn’t have the special bond and physical touch between mother and child, she often needs her handlers to give her love and affection.

orphaned baby kangaroo Indi
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This little baby got so attached to the sanctuary’s employees who look after her that she has made a habit out of giving them long, warm hugs. Once she starts hugging her caretakers, she doesn’t want to let go at all. The video showcases the moment she rests her head in different positions on a caretaker’s wrist, nuzzling her cheeks on the outside of his palms. The two of them seem inseparable.


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