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  • Cat Steals Kitchen Objects

    Imgur user pleasequotemovies refused to believe that his cat was moving kitchen objects on his own. This user’s girlfriend told him...

    adminOctober 11, 2017
  • Cat Has Become A Disney Princess

    “My cat is a Disney princess apparently. This is going on right now,” wrote Imgur user ‘ctrlaltme’ after sharing a series...

    adminOctober 11, 2017
  • Black Lab Nudges Owner For Money So She Can Buy Her Treats

    A dog by the name of Holly does not have to beg for treats… Well, she pays for them of course!...

    adminSeptember 25, 2017
  • Dad Kept Eating More, So…

    Meet Meatball, the fat dad cat who needs a little bit of help keeping up with good manners. See, recently he...

    adminJuly 14, 2017
  • The Most Dapper Horse in the World!

    You’ve probably seen horses who are just downright strikingly breathtaking. Take Frederik the Great, for example. He’s a Friesian stallion that became...

    adminJune 27, 2017



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